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Australia is one of the most sought after education destinations in the world. The eclectic culture, democratic environment and excellent educational institutions attract students from all over the world. Asians form the bulk of student population, though students from other destinations too are favouring Australia. The student population contributes a significant amount to the economy of Australia and setting up educational and vocational institutes is encouraged by the government. Incentives and other benefits have been granted to these educational institutions. However to ensure quality education the government of Australia has strict guidelines and legislation has been put in place to regulate them.

As regards international students, there is a streamlined procedure set in place to ensure smooth processing of their visa applications. Students desirous of taking admission in an Australian educational institution must produce necessary documents for visa processing. They are also eligible to take up part time work while pursuing studies in Australia. They can be accompanied by dependants during the course period. However the visa regulations can be tricky and it is advisable to seek professional guidance while apply for visa.

A student who is a foreign resident can pursue any educational program in Australia while on visitor visa, provided the course is less than three months period. For all other courses one has to apply for a student visa.

As a prerequisite, students must be in procession of electronic confirmation of enrolment or eCoE before they can apply for a student visa. They must also comply with other requirements before grant of student visa. Many foreign students are eager to pursue higher education in Australia because this is a gateway to acquire permanent residence in Australia. To be eligible for permanent residence status, students must exhibit exemplary behaviour in addition to meeting other qualifying criteria.

Since the procedure for obtaining student visa can be complicated in certain cases, it is best to take advise from a student visa professional who will be able to guide you through the process.


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